Navigating Blood Donation and Therapeutic Phlebotomy while Taking Testosterone

Alpha testosterone replacement therapy is a doctor-prescribed testosterone treatment. Testosterone replacement therapy online is done through a mix of virtual consultations, in-person lab visits nearest you, and the delivery of medications or prescriptions to take to your pharmacist. As with any medically supervised treatment, you’ll be instructed on how to take Alpha testosterone and medication, as well as what to do in case of any side effects – the chances of which are rare and of low risk. There is also some information about donating blood or taking part in any therapeutic phlebotomy procedures you should know about when taking Alpha testosterone, and this article will outline some of that.

Therapeutic Phlebotomy And Doctor Prescribed Testosterone

Therapeutic phlebotomy is the controlled letting of blood for medical purposes. This is not like the horror stories of the past with doctors slicing people open or attaching leeches to their bodies from a misunderstanding of medicine. Doctors are much more knowledgeable today, and therapeutic phlebotomy is done in a much safer way and environment, for many sound reasons. For example, one reason for therapeutic phlebotomy is for patients with hereditary hemochromatosis. It can also be administered for erythrocytosis, a rare but possible side effect of Alpha testosterone replacement therapy where more red blood cells are produced in your body than normal. 

Red blood cells, also called erythrocytes, carry oxygen throughout the body while removing carbon dioxide as they travel. These red blood cells are naturally created from bone marrow – the spongy tissue on the inside of bones – where they are released into the bloodstream and survive for up to 120 days before dying. A hematocrit test is the measurement of red blood cells in the body. This can be a desired side effect of doctor prescribed testosterone treatments for men with anemia, but in a relatively healthy patient, there is research being conducted on the threat of blood clotting due to testosterone-induced elevations in hematocrit. It’s important to note that elevated hematocrit levels (increased red blood cells present in the bloodstream) have not been proven to put men at more risk of blood clots developing, but it is something that your testosterone replacement therapy online physician will discuss with you and keep an eye out for. 

While Alpha testosterone treatment may potentially cause side effects, such as the chances for a cardiovascular event like blood clotting, the risk is low according to the medical literature and studies, and the overall benefits of our testosterone replacement therapy online far outweigh those risks. In case your red blood cells do begin producing at too high of a number – a high hematocrit score – then therapeutic phlebotomy is an easy and effective solution to bring them back down to normal levels.

Bloodletting is remarkably efficient at lowering hematocrit, and even a single pint of blood being removed through therapeutic phlebotomy can be enough to get your red blood cell count down to normal levels. And, on top of that, it might be a win-win scenario for you and strangers alike, as you will see in the next section of this article.

Alpha Testosterone Replacement Therapy And Blood Donation: Everyone Wins

When mitigating the risks of higher than normal red blood cells, the best solution is either through therapeutic phlebotomy or by donating blood regularly at a blood donation clinic. Often it is at a blood bank where patients would receive therapeutic phlebotomy with a physician’s approval, but it can cost money to have this service done unless the blood bank also has what is known as a variance. 

A variance will allow patients on doctor-prescribed testosterone treatment to donate blood and blood components more often. The conditions usually stipulated are that only the red blood cells collected from patients who are actively engaged in testosterone replacement therapy can be distributed by the blood donation center, and neither the plasma nor platelet components may be used in transfusions. 

Some blood donation centers find it appealing to treat patients who are currently undertaking testosterone replacement therapy because it can increase their bank of available donors. Some blood donation centers will even bill your insurance company if your insurance provider covers therapeutic phlebotomy. The win-win scenario is therefore possible because, not only can you enjoy the benefits of Alpha testosterone through our testosterone replacement therapy online services, but you have a viable solution if the side effect of a higher than normal red blood cell count should occur, and blood donation centers have more red blood cells to offer to patients who need them during transfusions!

Are There Other Potential Side Effects?

Erythrocytes (abnormally high red blood cell count) are the most common albeit rare side effect of a doctor prescribed testosterone treatment regimen. And a higher red blood cell count has not been proven to lead to a cardiovascular event – like stroke, heart attack, or blood clotting – on its own. There was a time when testosterone replacement therapy was thought to potentially lead to an increased chance of prostate cancer in men, but this theory has been debunked. Testosterone replacement therapy will not increase your chances of developing prostate cancer.

The benefits of our Alpha testosterone and testosterone replacement therapy online service far outweigh any chances for adverse side effects. With Alpha testosterone you can expect to get:

  • Increased muscle and bone mass
  • Decreased body fat
  • Reduced swelling and tenderness to breasts (menopausal women)
  • Increased energy
  • Eliminate flushing and hot flashes (menopausal women)
  • Better emotional moods
  • Better concentration
  • Improved sleep
  • Higher sex drive and able to sustain an erection longer during sex

Alpha testosterone will no doubt help you to get the most out of life. All you need to do is schedule an appointment at and you’ll be on your way to becoming a better, greater, and healthier you.


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