When To Use Aromatase Inhibitor With TRT

The benefits of TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) are profound. The common symptoms men experience as they age can all best be summarized as a feeling of “slowing down,” with less energy to lead the active lifestyles they used to, and the weight gain that follows. This is primarily due to decreased testosterone production. Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a practical, non-invasive solution. The best TRT clinic is Alpha Hormones, where you can have a quick assessment and a Testosterone Replacement Therapy plan implemented that is personalized to your body and needs.

Most men see remarkable benefits of TRT without any significant side effects. However, some are genetically predisposed to experiencing higher estrogen levels in concert with raising their testosterone. Estrogen is known as a female hormone, but both sexes have it. Higher estrogen levels can cause noticeable side effects in men that are understandably undesirable. Aromatase inhibitors for men are a relatively new solution to counteract this unwanted estrogen production. When used alongside Testosterone Replacement Therapy, all men can reap TRT’s benefits without raising estrogen levels, regardless of their genetic makeup.

Alpha Hormones is the best TRT clinic because we are affordable and accessible – two factors made possible by eliminating overhead costs and location issues by being an online TRT clinic. But we are also the best TRT clinic because we stay up-to-date with all of the latest medical advances in the field of Testosterone Replacement Therapy, being able to reach every man and give them the energy and virility to match the age they feel at heart.

What Is Testosterone?

Testosterone is the most potent androgen derived from the Greek words for “man-maker.” As men age, the human body’s inner workings and testosterone levels decline. This contributes to bone calcium declines, muscle mass decreases, body fat increases, and cognition slows down. Red blood cell counts also drop. The average man becomes less energetic and sexually active. As all this occurs, testosterone levels are falling. Testosterone levels decrease by about 1% a year starting around age 30, while free testosterone, the form that does the hormone’s work, falls nearly 2% yearly.

Testosterone in men is responsible for the healthy development of several bodily features:

  • Sexual features – male reproductive tissue is essential for the propagation of the human species. Testosterone is responsible for developing tissue on the penis, testicles, and prostate. 
  • Muscle mass – muscle mass is considered a “secondary sexual characteristic.” Testosterone in men is why men can build more power than women.
  • Adequate levels of red blood cells – testosterone plays an essential role in producing sperm and red blood cells.
  • Bone density – another “secondary sexual characteristic,” testosterone is why men’s bones are denser than women’s. A higher bone density is necessary to support men’s larger frames and muscle mass. Testosterone in both men and women helps to prevent osteoporosis. 
  • Mood – The testosterone hormone is essential in regulating certain aspects of the brain, including a man’s attitude. Too little testosterone has been shown to cause symptoms of depression and melancholy.
  • Sexual and reproductive function – Not only does testosterone work to develop primary and secondary sexual characteristics in men, but it is also responsible for libido and sexual arousal. 

Low testosterone is also known as hypogonadism. The symptoms of hypogonadism in men vary by individual. They may include:

  • Low sex drive – Testosterone is responsible for libido in men.
  • Erectile dysfunction – A low libido makes it harder to become fully erect.
  • Decreased sense of well-being and a Depressed mood – Low testosterone levels in men have been linked to causing reduced self-confidence, depression, and difficulty getting a good night’s rest.
  • Difficulties with concentration and memory – Testosterone regulates many brain functions in men. Lower testosterone levels have been shown to make remembering and concentrating difficult.
  • Fatigue – The testosterone hormone gives energy. Reduced testosterone levels will result in constant fatigue of the mind and body.
  • Moodiness and irritability – The body must maintain a proper balance of testosterone. Too much or too little testosterone can cause mood swings and irritability.
  • Loss of muscular strength – Because the testosterone hormone aids men in developing muscle mass, decreased levels will make it harder to retain.

The Relationship Between Testosterone And Estrogen In Men

Men and women produce both testosterone and estrogen hormones. Men create more of the former, and women make more of the latter. Estradiol is a form of estrogen produced by testosterone and the actions of aromatase in the male body. Testosterone is broken down and converted into estrogen during these complex processes. Testosterone Replacement Therapy adds testosterone to the body, which, for some males, will also correspond to heightened estrogen production.

Estrogen Isn’t Bad Until There Is Too Much Of It In Men.

Estrogen in men is not necessarily a bad thing. It is an essential aspect of regulating many complex sexual processes. When estrogen levels rise too much because of Testosterone Replacement Therapy, the proper balance needs to be readjusted. The best TRT clinic will watch out for bad swings in estrogen production and correct them with aromatase inhibitors for men.

To understand why aromatase inhibitors for men are beneficial, it’s crucial to understand more about estrogen in male physiology. Estrogen plays a vital role in bone and vascular health in men and is believed to play some part in the actual function of sex – libido, erections, etc. – and weight loss. For this reason, it is not advised to inhibit all estrogen production. The aim of Testosterone Replacement Therapy should be to balance both testosterone and estrogen levels in the male body appropriately.

There are different forms of estrogen that the male body produces. The most prevalent form is estradiol. Some men are genetically predisposed to convert more testosterone into estradiol than others. Estradiol can also be made more abundantly in obese men because aromatase sits in fat cells (among other places). One of the most common symptoms of elevated estrogen (of any form, including estradiol) is gynecomastia – an enlarging of the breasts. Men aging are more at risk of the balance swinging towards more estrogen production.

Because aromatase aids in breaking testosterone into estrogen – estradiol, primarily – developments have been made that inhibit aromatase. Another common symptom of heightened estradiol production in men is edema. Edema is the retention of fluids in the arms and legs that cause swelling and pain. Age and obesity increase the risk of estrogen and its estradiol production overabundance. Aromatase inhibitors for men can counteract this and allow you to realize all of the benefits of TRT without the downsides.

How Do Aromatase Inhibitors Work?

Aromatase inhibitors have become prevalent in medicine to treat breast cancer in women and men. Aromatase inhibitors are hormone therapy that stops aromatase in fatty tissue from producing more estrogen that allows cancer cells to grow. There are three types of aromatase inhibitors currently approved by the FDA:

  • Aromasin (exemestane)
  • Arimidex (anastrozole)
  • Femara (letrozole)

Because this hormone therapy is used primarily with women, much more is known about its efficacy in that demographic. However, it is given to men who cannot take the traditional breast cancer treatment drug tamoxifen.

In premenopausal women, it is the ovaries that mainly produce estrogen. Other tissues of the breasts, liver, brain, and elsewhere have a small amount of estrogen. Postmenopausal women also produce estrogen in these different tissues. The enzyme known as aromatase helps the female body to break down naturally occurring testosterone into even more estrogen. As estrogen helps cancer cells to grow, aromatase inhibitors are used to block the process called aromatization.

Aromatase inhibitors work to block aromatization by binding the aromatase enzymes. This blocks as much as 95% of estrogen production in women who have already experienced menopause. Tamoxifen has been the traditional way of doing this, inhibiting the cells from allowing estrogen to produce and spread. However, aromatase inhibitors have been shown to have a higher success rate at stopping increased estrogen production. For premenopausal women, it is also necessary to incorporate ovarian suppression therapy.

Tamoxifen For Men

Tamoxifen is the traditional way to treat gynecomastia – breast enlargement – in men, significantly inhibiting cancer cell growth in breast tissue. It is still used to treat increased estradiol production for men on testosterone replacement therapy. However, as aromatase inhibitors have shown a higher efficacy than tamoxifen for women, aromatase inhibitors for men are also increasingly replacing tamoxifen as a supplementary treatment during TRT.

There are also many adverse side effects of tamoxifen for men that make aromatase inhibitors more attractive. Tamoxifen changes the enzymes in the liver, preventing many necessary processes in the body from functioning correctly. Tamoxifen has also been shown to cause vision problems and increase the likelihood of thromboembolic events.

Do Aromatase Inhibitors Have Side Effects?

Stopping the production of estrogen in men altogether will have side effects. These include:

  • Difficulty getting or maintaining an erection (Erectile Dysfunction, also known as ED).  
  • It increased migraines or headaches.  
  • Insomnia and trouble getting a whole night’s sleep.   
  • Joint pain and aches throughout the body.    
  • Fatigue and difficulty concentrating. 
  • Profuse sweating.  
  • Flushing of the face.  
  • Hair loss.  
  • Fluctuations in weight.

It is important to remember that the best TRT clinic knows the importance of estrogen to male physiology. The Alpha Hormones TRT clinic does not aim to inhibit estrogen production – only to maintain the right balance between testosterone and estrogen.

Many online TRT clinics do not understand estrogen’s role in men. These places offer services at “rock-bottom” rates and prey on other men’s misinformation about how hormones work – especially estrogen. But, when used correctly, aromatase inhibitors for men are effective and safe. You can experience all of the benefits of TRT without the harmful effects of heightened estrogen levels, namely, enlarged breasts and other physical problems.

How Do I Know If Testosterone Replacement Therapy Is Right For Me?

The Alpha Hormones online TRT clinic makes diagnosing and treating low testosterone accessible to anyone, and we can help you unlock the benefits of TRT. We issue a lab requisition to have your blood tested for hormone levels. Our physician will review these results with you and create a customized treatment plan if hormone replacement is warranted.

We use established science and your goals to develop a treatment program. Clinical presentation, your health, and what you want to achieve with Testosterone Replacement Therapy are our driving factors. Ensuring you reach optimal health and well-being is our accurate measure for success. Alpha Hormones wants you to be the best version of yourself, and we will not compromise that by steering you in the wrong direction.

Additional blood and hormone levels are monitored to see how your body reacts to Testosterone Replacement Therapy. We can detect excessive estrogen production and act accordingly to counteract it. Aromatase inhibitors for men are one of the most effective, fastest, and safest ways to do it.

Alpha Hormones

Let the doctor come to you. From Hormone Therapy to Acute Care, our medical clinic is now virtual. Easy access to exceptional care for a wide range of conditions in a secure, discreet, and convenient online process to help you discover the benefits of TRT.

Because we are the best online TRT clinic, we create a Testosterone Replacement Therapy program built around your body and goals. Everyone is different, and all details, results, and potential side effects will vary. Age, weight and certain genetic predispositions will cause more risk in some men than others for excessive estrogen production when receiving Testosterone Replacement Therapy. We encourage you to reach out and speak with our physician about what risks are posed to you individually. We also want you to know that most men stand to gain far more benefits of TRT than not and that a better you is possible with Alpha Hormones.


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