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Using Bioidentical T3 and T4 For Hypothyroidism Treatment

The human thyroid is positioned in the lower neck. The organ is shaped like a butterfly. Thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) are two hormones converted from iodine by the thyroid gland. But many people’s thyroid gland does not function properly, leading to many health issues. Some don’t even know their thyroid is malfunctioning. Up to 60% of people are unaware – and women are 10X more likely to have a thyroid imbalance than men.

This article will tell you about the symptoms of hypothyroidism (low thyroid), so you are aware that you are affected. You will also learn some valuable information about hypothyroidism treatments from Alpha Hormones. There is no need to search for hypothyroidism treatment near me because Alpha Hormones is an online hormone clinic that can order lab requisites and send medication directly to your home.

Our thyroid hormone replacement therapy involves using natural T3 and T4 supplements that get your thyroid levels back to where they should be. You’ll feel like your old healthy self again in no time at all with personalized and accessible thyroid hormone replacement therapy from Alpha Hormones clinic.

How The Thyroid Gland Functions

Thyroid glands with T3 and T4

The thyroid gland comprises two lobes on the left and right, located at the base of the neck in humans. It typically weighs 25 grams, with women having a larger thyroid gland than men, and it grows larger during pregnancy. 

The primary importance of the thyroid is the production of three hormones. Primarily the T3 and T4 hormones and, to a lesser extent, the hormone known as calcitonin. These hormones are created primarily from iodine, a mineral in some foods, and fortified salt. The hormones converted from iodine by the thyroid gland have several essential functions throughout the body, including for the metabolism and development in children. 

Later in life, an imbalance could occur that makes it necessary to treat with thyroid hormone replacement consisting of T3 and T4 supplements. You can save money on these treatments by not looking for hypothyroidism treatment near me but instead utilizing the affordable and accessible Alpha Hormones clinic at

Here is a deeper look into the function of hormones produced by the thyroid gland in the body:

  • Metabolic: Basal metabolic rates are heightened by those hormones produced within the thyroid gland. Almost all tissues in the human body are also affected by them. A properly functioning thyroid gland is responsible for giving you the urge to eat and for efficient absorption of substances in the gut. This includes the breakdown of glucose and the regeneration of cells. Your thyroid gland and its hormones also help to eliminate cholesterol and propagate the amount of free fatty cells. 
  • Cardiovascular: The rhythm of the heartbeat, including its strength and beating rate per minute, is affected by the thyroid gland. The thyroid directly affects mitochondria activity and how efficiently you breathe in oxygen.
  • Developmental: The flat growth rate of children is directly influenced by the hormones of the thyroid gland. Especially cells within the brain. 
  • Sexual Functions: The menstruation cycle and sex drive are affected by thyroid hormones. So are sleep and many processes that regulate thinking and concentration.

Symptoms of Low Thyroid Hormones

It is time to start searching for hypothyroidism treatment near me if you have any of the symptoms listed below. Thyroid hormone replacement by taking T3 and T4 supplements requires a knowledgeable and dedicated staff. Luckily a reputable online clinic can also be sought for treatment. A physician will need to assess your blood levels to devise a thyroid hormone replacement therapy catered to your body.

  • Fatigue: When the thyroid isn’t functioning properly, the body and mind will feel less energetic. 
  • Cold intolerance: Feeling chilly is common.
  • Appetite loss, weight gain: You may feel less hungry but burn fewer calories with a thyroid imbalance.
  • Cardiovascular effects: Low thyroid hormone levels can lead to high blood pressure and elevated total and LDL cholesterol levels.
  • Mental effects: Hypothyroidism and depression share many symptoms, including difficulty concentrating, memory problems, and loss of interest in things that are typically important to you. They call for different treatments, so proper diagnosis is essential.
  • Other signs and symptoms: Slowed metabolism reduces sweating, the skin’s natural moisturizer, and will result in dry skin and brittle nails. Hair may thin or become coarse. Digestive processes slow, causing constipation. Speech and movement may also slow down. Muscle aches and joint pain, including carpal tunnel syndrome, occur daily.

Treating Hypothyroidism at Alpha Hormones

Thyroid hormone replacement therapy is similar to how low testosterone is treated. A physician will first check your TSH, free T3, free T4, reverse T3, thyroid antibodies, and do other diagnostic tests to know which hormones you are lacking, then provide T3 and T4 supplements as your case dictates. 

If you only search for hypothyroidism treatment near me, you risk finding a clinic that only provides synthetic hormones as a treatment. Unlike conventional medicine, where Synthroid, Levoxyl, Levothroid, and other levothyroxine only feature synthetic T4 — an inactive hormone — more natural medications can be more beneficial. 

Armour Thyroid, or desiccated thyroid, contains the same thyroid hormone molecules that the body produces: T3 and T4. Armour Thyroid is an FDA-approved thyroid extract formulated according to the exacting standards of the United States Pharmacopoeia. Armour Thyroid and other natural thyroid medications (i.e., NP-Thyroid, Nature-Thyroid, WP Thyroid, Compounded Liothyronine/Levothyroxine Non-Porcine, etc.) are bioidentical to the thyroid hormones produced in the human body.

Alpha Hormones

Don’t simply search for hypothyroidism treatment near me. Make sure that it’s a clinic that uses bioidentical T3 and T4 for better results and less risk of side effects. For more information, contact the Alpha Hormones online clinic at


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