4 Low Testosterone Symptoms That You Should Understand

Did you know that testosterone levels can impact several body systems that help maintain healthy physical and mental functions? Both men and women produce a certain level of testosterone, but in this article, we will be focusing on low testosterone symptoms in men. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you can check out our website to learn more about options for starting testosterone replacement therapy online. 

Testosterone is a hormone that contributes to the male body’s function on several levels. Men have higher testosterone levels than women. These levels decline as a man ages contributing to bone calcium levels, muscle mass, body fat content, and cognitive development and function. The most commonly known symptoms of lower testosterone levels include declining energy and a lower sex drive. Unfortunately, it doesn’t just end there. Here are four low testosterone symptoms in men to be aware of.

Changes in Sexual Habits and Behavior

One of the most well-known symptoms of low testosterone in men is changes in sexual behavior. This starts with a decrease in sex drive which ultimately decreases sexual activity. While it is normal to see a decrease in sexual desire throughout the aging process, lower than normal testosterone levels can lead to a severe drop in libido. 

This can also impact the actual sexual function including reducing testicular size, lower sperm volume, and ultimately, erectile dysfunction. This happens due to the relationship between testosterone and other chemicals in the brain. Testosterone itself is not solely responsible for generating and maintaining an erection, however, it sends signals to the brain that nitric oxide. Without nitric oxide, the chemical reaction that leads to an erection is not possible. 

Changes in Mood and Mental Health

Most people associate anxiety with a younger group of people, but can low testosterone cause anxiety? The answer, unfortunately, is yes. According to PubMed Central, research shows that testosterone has a direct relationship with your brain’s chemical functions. Any changes to these functions can lead to changes in mood, particularly anxiety and depression. In turn, many patients with low testosterone levels experience moodiness and irritability and struggle with staying positive and performing regular tasks. They may also experience other decreases in cognitive function such as concentration and memory. 

Changes in Physical Appearance

This is perhaps the most noticeable set of symptoms of low testosterone in men from an outside perspective. When testosterone levels begin to decline, men experience a variety of physical changes. Much like how a man undergoes physical changes as he enters puberty, lower testosterone levels produce the opposite effect on the physic. This includes a decrease in body hair, changes to muscle mass, and increased body fat. 

As hormone levels decline in the body, there is no longer support for maintaining muscle health in the same way as before. This results in a decrease in strength and loss of muscle mass. In turn, many men experience an increase in overall body fat. This can also be focused around breast tissue causing swelling in the pecs and tenderness. 

Changes in Physical Health

While the symptoms up to now are not detrimental to your overall health, they can severely impact your quality of life, comfort in your own body, and overall sense of happiness. The truth is, it doesn’t stop there. Low testosterone levels can impact your overall health in even more serious and potentially life-threatening ways. 

It is common for men to experience an overall decrease in their sense of well-being, and it’s no wonder with all the potential symptoms they might be experiencing. But if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, your health may be in more trouble than you think. With lower chemical reactions happening within the body systems, your body will reduce the level of red blood cells generated. In the end, it can impact bone health leading to osteoporosis, decreasing hemoglobin leading to mild anemia, a general sense of fatigue, heightened cholesterol levels and lower metabolism, and hot flashes.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Luckily, you don’t have to live with these symptoms forever. It is normal for men to experience a steady decline in testosterone over time, however, severe cases can bring on these changes suddenly and unexpectedly. 

A simple blood test is an easy way to check your hormone levels and determine if you have lower than normal testosterone that can lead to severe, unnecessary symptoms. From there, a physician can create a customized treatment plan to determine if symptoms will resolve themselves or if hormone intervention is needed. 

At Alpha Hormones, you can begin your testosterone replacement therapy online. Our goal is to optimize your testosterone levels in your personal reference range rather than waiting for you to fall below the healthy range. This will stop serious symptoms from occurring and maintain your health early on. Our treatments are evidence-based medical systems designed to optimize and improve your health and well-being. 

There are several forms of testosterone replacement treatment that can be customized to meet your specific preferences and hormonal needs. There are transdermal creams and gels which is the most common form of treatment. However, each person will respond to treatment differently. The most effective form of treatment is through testosterone injections which can be done by yourself at home with the guidance of a licensed physician. 

Keep in mind that any kind of hormone treatment comes with risks. In this case, testosterone replacement can reduce fertility. We suggest patients under 40 years of age consider alternative forms of treatment. Optimizing testosterone levels will be most effective if you also incorporate proper lifestyle, nutrition, dietary restrictions, and exercise. 

Testosterone replacement therapy can be a lifesaver for patients who are experiencing any of the related symptoms. If you are seeking help with your hormonal health, book an appointment online today with our physician to learn what testosterone treatment can do for you! Our experienced physician can help you determine exactly what your hormone levels say about your health. 


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