Recognizing Low Testosterone Levels in Women

Did you know that women rely on testosterone production just as much as men? Obviously not in the same way, but women have testosterone levels as well that impact the way that certain body systems function. Your testosterone levels work in conjunction with your estrogen and progesterone levels to create a balanced female hormone system that regulates your fertility and other body functions. Testosterone in women helps with fertility, sex drive, and blood cell count. Check out these three signs of low testosterone in women that can impact your daily health. 

Changes to Sexual Habits and Desire

When you are dealing with any reproductive hormone, it should be no surprise that it can impact your sexual health. When women have lower than normal testosterone levels, their ovaries experience chemical changes in the follicles that produce and release eggs. This impacts overall sexual desire and can actually reduce satisfaction from sexual activities. This may mean that sexual desires become less frequent, habits in bed change, or desire disappears completely. 

Changes Mental Health and Mood

Testosterone hormones send signals to the brain that kick starts chemical reactions that impact other chemicals in the brain. Without these signals, women can experience changes to their mood and overall mental health. This can come in the form of increased irritability, mood swings, or depression and anxiety. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms unexpectedly, a hormone imbalance may be the culprit. 

Changes to Muscle Health

Finally, women may experience adverse effects on their muscles due to low testosterone levels. This may come in the form of reduced muscle mass, loss of tone, and even lethargy. Patients generally notice this by feeling weakened or unable to move their muscles how they used to. 


There are different forms of hormone therapy that can help combat symptoms of low testosterone in women. This includes taking testosterone supplements or using a curated treatment plan that is designed just for you! At Alpha Hormones, we provide hormone therapy for those who need a little extra help balancing their body systems.

To get started, you will begin by taking a simple blood test to determine exactly what your hormone levels are at and determine the best course of treatment. A physician will tell you if you are experiencing any of these signs of low testosterone in women or if your symptoms may be from something unrelated. 

Once your provider knows exactly what your hormone levels look like. They can create a personalized hormone treatment plan with prescriptions that are specifically formulated to match your hormones. 

Don’t wait for your symptoms to get worse. Learn about your hormone health today and how it might be impacting your quality of life with Alpha Hormones. Whether you are looking for a simple supplement or a treatment system, we’ve got you covered!


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