Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals with New Approaches

Are you someone who has done nothing but just sat back, relaxed, and eaten to your heart’s content throughout the lockdown period? 

Are you still doing the same now that the governments have once again asked us all to stay at home? 

I get it – you are afraid of gaining weight, or worse yet: you already have put on a lot of weight after the Holiday Season. And now, you are worried about what to do and how to lose weight so that you can return to your normal weight or even shed off a few more pounds? 

Don’t worry, we at Alpha Hormones® are here to help you all. With our safe, and effective weight loss programs, we have got you all covered. Here, we have compiled new ways to lose weight. Of course, weight loss doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time, consistency, and a strong mindset to keep the extra pounds off. 

And even when you have lost weight, it does not mean that you go back to munching all that sugary goodness and fried deliciousness. Certainly not. You have to keep a strict check on what you eat so that you do not overload your body with unhealthy calories.

New Medication Combination For Weight Loss


Along with optimizing your hormones and treating the metabolic cause of the weight gain, certain medication can help you lose weight. However, there are many side effects associated with any medication, and so it is always better to start them only after you consult with a medical provider.


It is an anti-obesity drug, indicated for people who are overweight or have the tendency to put on weight just after they have lost it. Orlistat prevents the fat-breaking enzyme from breaking fat down only so that it could be passed out in your feces, and not get absorbed into your body. But, it only acts on fats, and therefore, you need to keep a check on your other nutrient-intake as well.

Common Side Effects: Bowel disturbances and oily stools


This is an anti-diabetic drug that is used to control high blood sugar levels and is recommended to be taken along with following a strict diet and exercise schedule under a medical provider supervision. Acarbose can  also be used for losing weight by slowing food digestion and keep blood glucose from rising very high after meals. It helps people achieve a state of satiation – a feeling where a person feels as if he has had his full meals and needs no more. This helps, in a very modest way, to lose weight over a period of time. It also helps to regulate the appetite and hunger mechanisms, which leads to an automatic control in both these things, preventing you from overeating.  

Common Side Effects: Gastrointestinal discomfort and low blood sugar

Naltrexone (Low Dose)

Naltrexone when taken in low doses has a significant impact on weight. It modulates the appetite, thus preventing overeating, and also reduces insulin resistance, which might be indirectly causing a person to lose weight. It is also seen to increase growth hormone levels in obese people, thus accelerating their metabolism and causing them to put on muscle mass. It can be a very good option for all the weight-watchers, only if taken in low, controlled doses. 

Common Side Effects: Dizziness and nausea

Role of Alpha Hormones® – What Do We Do?

At Alpha Hormones®, we combine these three medications for weight loss along with diet and exercise plans in our Wellness App. This is your chance to step towards living a guilt-free, healthy, and balanced life. The App has been designed with great care and will assure you that your journey towards losing weight will be a healthy and balanced one. We understand that our clients might have different demands and requests, and our App has been made to take care of all your queries and make losing weight a worthwhile experience for you.

We do not recommend you to start using any of these medicines on your own will – rather, we would recommend you to book a ‘Weight Loss’ consultation appointment with us. In this appointment, we will guide you in detail regarding all the ‘Pros’ and ‘Cons’ of opting for one of our weight loss programs, and suggest to you what is the best option available for you.

Non-Medical Ways Of Losing Weight At Home

These methods are easy to practice and you can achieve success by trying them out, what is required from you is one thing only: Consistency. If you are consistent and patient enough to reach your goals, you easily can in a few months. So, without further delay, let us look at what we can do to lose weight and appear smarter in a healthy way!

Types of Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a relatively simple and quite easy way to lose weight. It is the best option for beginners, and the best part about it is: you can arrange your schedule in any way that appears convenient for you! What more could one ask for? In intermittent fasting, you train your body to adapt to a fasting state. When our body goes into a fasting state, that is, when we stop eating or drinking anything, it starts breaking down the stored fat inside itself to release energy. This is because the food we eat provides us with energy, right? So, when there would be no food going in, obviously we would feel drained and tired, and to help us, our body will start using the emergency ‘energy’ stores which are nothing but fat stores. And when fat is broken down, what happens? It is burned and our body is left with lesser and lesser amounts of fat. This, in the long-term, helps us lose weight easily. There are different types of intermittent fasting which you are allowed to choose as per your convenience:

  • 16/8 Fasting
    This type of fasting allows you to consume food only at specific hours. The ‘16/8’ method is the most popular mode used by people, in which you are allowed to eat for 8 hours in a day (say, from 12 PM to 8 PM), after which you will have to fast for 12 hours straight. It is easy to adapt, and hence, the majority follows this mode of intermittent fasting.
  • Alternate Day Fasting
    In this type of fasting, a person is asked to eat whatever he wants to for one whole day, and for the next day (24 hours), he has to observe a fast throughout the day.
  • Periodic Fasting
    Also known as the 5:2 fasting, in this type of intermittent fasting, a person fasts for a maximum of one or two days, and enjoys a fast-free interval for the rest of the week. But calorie restriction is to be practiced in the fast-free period. 

Even though intermittent fasting might appear easier than it sounds, it requires a strict check and balance of your calorie intake. Our Wellness App can help you achieve your fasting state.

High Intensity Interval Training

No diet or calorie-restriction method is going to help you unless you put your muscles to use in burning fat. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one such type of workout in which you have to alternate between periods of very high-intensity exercises and low-intensity resting or ‘cooling out’ periods. The motive is to engage in a full cardio robust, which in turn helps you to lose weight. New study found that 5-10 minutes of HIIT exercises (i.e., burpees and jumping jacks) makes you lose weight faster than doing 30 minutes of low or moderate intensity cardio exercise (i.e., walking and jogging).

By opting for ways that suit your lifestyle and being consistent with them, you can very easily lose weight healthily. There is no need to go for “Crash Diet” options as they can cause more harm than benefits.


Now that you know some of the new medical options for weight loss you should schedule an appointment to see an Alpha Hormones® medical provider. Opting for our treatment will not only make you lose weight, but would also promote you to adopt a healthier and active lifestyle. So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment today! Schedule Appointment


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