BHRT For Menopause: What Women Should Know

So you’re officially in menopause and now you have to decide how to treat your hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, sleepless nights, fatigue, and low libido. You’re bombarded with TV commercials and magazine and internet ads talking about Premarin, antidepressants, osteoporosis drugs, and sleep medications, but which solution should you choose?

Some of the ladies you know take Premarin, and others are on bioidentical hormones. How do you know which is best? It is critical that you are informed about the types of hormone replacement therapy that are available, because your health and quality of life depend upon it.


As far as hormone replacement goes, you have two options: hormone replacement that uses hormones identical to what your body makes, or hormone replacement that uses synthetic hormones from Big Pharma that are not the same as what your body makes.

• Bioidentical hormones are identical in molecular structure to the hormones produced by your body – exactly the same. For this reason, they cannot be patented by the pharmaceutical companies. They’re natural and plant based.

 Synthetic hormones are not identical to the hormones made by your body, therefore they can be patented by the pharmaceutical companies for profit.


Conventional doctors will typically offer synthetic hormone drugs such as Premarin, Prempro, and Provera as menopause treatment. These synthetic hormones from Big Pharma have been shown to have numerous negative side effects, including increased risk of blood clots, stroke and heart disease, as well as breast cancer. This is conventional medicine’s solution for menopause, but is it worth the risk?

Before you decide on your menopause treatment, take a look at the dangers of these synthetic hormones that were studied in the Women’s Health Initiative:

Premarin – Premarin is made of horse estrogens derived from pregnant mare urine, hence the name, “Pre-mar-in”. It contains numerous potent horse estrogens that are not found in humans.

premarin side effects.png

Provera – Provera contains medroxyprogesterone, which is a progestin, not progesterone. It is a progestin, a drug that exists nowhere in nature.


Prempro – A combination of Premarin and Provera.


The fact that our bodies recognize bioidentical hormones as their own is significant to you since you want to stay healthy and well for as long as possible. Just as a key fits perfectly into the right keyhole, bioidentical hormones do the same in your cells. Bioidentical hormones can help achieve the above goal of resolving your symptoms due to their similarity to your own hormone structure.

Research shows that hormonal decline is associated with loss of body function and increase in disease. Studies demonstrate that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can improve sleep, fatigue, mood, cognitive function, bone mass, sexual function, muscle strength and body composition, and decrease inflammation

It makes no sense to prescribe a drug to treat a symptom of an underlying hormone deficiency when the deficiency itself is so easily remedied by replacing the natural hormone.

BHRT benefits.png


The right solution is simple. The best option for menopause treatment is to replenish the estrogen, progesterone and testosterone that your body is missing with bioidentical hormones which are identical to the hormones made by the human body. Why take a risk with synthetic hormones from Big Pharma that can harm your health?

At Alpha Hormones®, we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms. Our licensed physician is experienced at dosing your hormones according to your individual needs until you get a resolution of your symptoms. Book your consultation by clicking here or call our wellness representative today at 213-334-4111.


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